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260 Market Street Suite B1 New Albany, OH 43054
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Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

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Why are we so passionate about juice?

The simple truth is that consuming raw, fresh, juice is the best way to get tons of nutrition without feeling full. Our recipes are designed to give you as much nutrition as possible while still enjoying the great tastes that nature has to offer.

The Level System

Level 1

These juices are specifically designed to be pleasing to the taste. Don’t get us wrong, we pack them with nutrition but we want our less experienced juicers to be introduced to juicing with sweeter, more pleasing flavors. If you don’t regularly drink juice, this is the juice for you.

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Level 2

These juicesΒ are packed with nutrition and some credence is given to flavor but we are aiming for getting as many of the essential vitamins and minerals that we can get from an organic juice. If you are familiar with raw, fresh, organic juice and you enjoy drinking it, these recipes are designed for you.

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Level 3

These are the juices for our more experienced juicers. This is where the juice gets savory, spicy, and more intense. If you don’t regularly drink juice, this is not the juice for you. If you are adventurous, give them a shot!

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Healthy Living


We all want to feel great, don’t we? The fact of the matter is that consuming raw, fresh, organic juice on a daily basis is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, along with proper diet and regular exercise. Do you want to lose weight? Have glowing skin and hair? More energy? Better Workouts? Of course you do! We all do! Add a pint or two of raw, fresh, organic juice to your daily routine and you will see a massive improvement in every area of your health.

Note: Allergies need to be specified to our juice coach.