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What are the most important reasons to cleanse?

1 – Resetting your gut flora: We all have a very complicated biochemical world happening in our tummies and a cleanse can help to reset the PH balance to alkaline and give you the proper chemistry you need to continue to process the healthy foods you eat with the best results.

2 – Massive nutrition and detox:
We all have fairly toxic systems for a variety of reasons which are largely unavoidable, no matter how hard we try. There are toxins everywhere! Cleansing can kick start the process of purging those toxins and adding a massive amount of nutrition in their place.

3 – Discipline:
It takes a lot of discipline to do a cleanse! This whole process can help give you the motivation you need to continue to make and live up to the healthy commitments we all make for ourselves.

Can I use a cleanse for weight loss?

You certainly can lose weight during a cleanse, sometimes quite a bit, depending on how long your cleanse lasts. However, there is a fair amount of evidence that dropping weight during a cleanse is not sustainable. In other words, you are likely to put it right back on once you start eating again. Cleansing can help to kick start a general effort to lose weight but it should definitely not be used as a quick fix to any weight problem. Our bodies definitely need food and nutrition from the foods we eat. Finding a balanced diet that includes juice and other natural foods is the most effective way to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

When should I begin a cleanse? Is it difficult?

You can start a cleanse whenever it works for you and your schedule. People experience all kinds of different effects from a cleanse and it is important to be aware of how you are responding to the process and act accordingly. Some side effects include: fatigue, dehydration (drink lots of water in addition to your juice), constipation, diarrhea, dry eyes, and white tongue. In rare cases, some people have broken out in rashes or hives. Typically, this is due to some kind of allergy or some virus or toxin exiting the system. If any side effect becomes to uncomfortable or puts you at risk in any way, you should stop the cleanse and, if it is warranted, seek out a medical professional.
With all that being said, for the most part, people experience some mild discomfort and rather pronounced hunger, but feel generally very good during a cleanse. In fact, most people report having a sense of euphoria on or around the third day of a cleanse. This can last for days and sometimes longer, depending on the cleanser and what they are continuing to do during and after their cleanse.